IMG_1068 Things that make me happy:     yoga, my camera, falafel, inside-out socks, drawer knobs and face wash.

Back in Seattle, I work(ed) as a registered dietitian in a neonatal intensive care unit and pediatric unit, and also as a registered yoga teacher and health educator at Microsoft.

Rather than continue to fight the travel bug, I’m now letting it take me wherever it pleases. I’m excited to shake the hands of humble people, introduce myself to inspiring and incredibly beautiful faces, hangout in downward dog in pretty unusual places, taste what flavors this crazy planet has to offer, and continue to wedge myself into the most bizarre, entertaining situations the faraway pockets of this planet offers.

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I was born in London in 1986 and moved to the United States when I was 5-years-old. I am an avid writer, and at home in Seattle I am a senior account executive at a public relations firm, the president of a non-profit housing corporation and a youth basketball coach.

I’ve left friends, family and secure job behind because I believe everyone should travel. We should travel to better ourselves. To leave behind the comforts of home and to taste hardship and uncertainty.  To lose ourselves, to find ourselves and to understand – as best we can – the lives of the people we share this same short moment of life with.





Away: To escape the comforts of home in search of an adventure. 

Yes, we’ve flown 10,000 miles away from a cozy Seattle life to start to explore this incredible planet. Did we have to go to the absolute furthest place (excluding Antarctica-that’s yet to come) from Seattle? You betcha. Go big or don’t bother.

A way: There is always a way to travel. 

If its truly that important to you, you will ensure that it happens. If it’s not, you will surely discover excuses. Whatever the excuse, there is always a way to make it happen. 

2: Two; The number of people in on this craziness. 

Just four months from departure, James jumps in the picture and my trip for one increases to a party of two. Funny, when you figure out your destination it’s easy to recognize the right co-pilot.

2: To; The whole reason why we are doing this. 

We escaped familiarity, security, comforts, all to travel. To travel in a way that we can act as open-minded and appreciative guests in foreign countries rather than seek out sameness. We intend to welcome the crap as openly as we do to the rich and unforgettable sights, experiences and interactions. I said intend to, I’m not guaranteeing the absence of meltdowns. We are human. We’ve signed up for the entertaining experience of becoming more humble, grateful, flexible, knowledgable, patient, resourceful, resilient. That’s the point of traveling, for these two anyways.

Away2travel: This blog is for us to share the highs and lows of this experiment, the funny and embarrassing parts, the incredible sights our eyes are fortunate to witness, to let family and friends periodically know we are alive, forward fascinating conversations, reflect on the wisdom that we’ve had the privilege of being exposed to, and to avoid having to copy-paste a million texts and emails to say pretty much the same thing thats already here (selfish really). We too are excited to see how this story unfolds.

That’s what Away2travel is all about.

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  1. jamoroki says:

    Thanks for following my blog. Your trip looks really interesting and well planned. I’m going to follow you too

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