Goa – Redi Fort, Arambol, Recipes, Mapusa Market

Friday, January 17, 2014

The agreement we have while volunteering is to work six days on and have one off. Our first day off came on Friday, January 17. We decided to rent a scooter for 300 rupees a day so we could reclaim our freedom and expand the circumference of the place we called home.

IMG_6731 IMG_6728 IMG_6733

James is driving and I’m the freaked out passenger hoping to Ganesh we arrive at our destination with all limbs and skin attached. While driving about 1 km, it is guaranteed you will see the following: five people with massive exposed road rash covering 25 percent of any one (or two) limbs, a scooter packed with five people, a scooter with one dog and a man also balancing something on his head, someone with a neck brace (and/or cast on an arm or leg) and for the grand finale, at least one bike accident.

So yeah, I would say I have every reason to be freaked out.

We cruised through thick jungle-like forests to get to Redi Fort. The 16th century fort is buried in the thick forest and crumbling gateways, but it’s incredible. You walk through the forest and immediately feel like you are on the set of Jungle Book or Jumanji. 

IMG_6681 IMG_6680 IMG_6689 IMG_6685 IMG_6684 IMG_6690 IMG_6682 IMG_6679 IMG_6695 IMG_6697 IMG_6691 IMG_6693 IMG_6688

After an hour or two we wandered down the beach.

Redi Beach is incredible.

IMG_6698 IMG_6700

Besides a few flea-infested (but still cute) puppies, nobody bothers you. We ended up having a relaxing day at the beach before we got back on the scooter and headed back toward home.

We spent the night in Arambol.

IMG_6702 IMG_6704 IMG_6703 IMG_6705 IMG_6714 IMG_6710 IMG_6708 IMG_6712

Every night as the sun sets around 6:30 p.m. all of the creative, high, drunk, beautiful, entertaining, talented, not-talented, but momentarily believe they are, young, old but can’t accept it, colorful people gather around to create “The Drum Circle.” It happens every single night in Arambol. People play various instruments, all chiming in and contributing to the tropical sounds while collectively the audience creates a circular enclosed stage where the crazy people have epileptic seizures (aka dance).

IMG_6715 IMG_6717 IMG_6720 IMG_6721

It’s entertaining.

We had a great time, had some dinner on the beach and overall a beautiful day off!

January 18 – January 24, 2014

The next week was spent performing our usual routine. I taught yoga, we did handstands on the beach daily and we played in the kitchen and reception.

I created several new recipes and have updated all of our recipes pages – so check ’em out!





Especially the sweets one!

On our next day off on Friday, January 24, we got on our scooter and drove to Mapusa. 

This is a crazy city 13km north of the capital city, Panaji.

Luckily our day off corresponded perfectly with the Mapusa Friday Market. 

It’s absolute market chaos and I absolutely love it!

Spices, produce, underwear, watches, blankets, clothing, dynamite, scarves, cat food, whatever. Everything and anything was sold on blue tarps stretched over the hot cement.

It’s a riot of noise, colors, smells, people.

IMG_6835IMG_6848 IMG_6839 IMG_6862 IMG_6837 IMG_6845 IMG_6836 IMG_6842 IMG_6832 IMG_6844IMG_6888 IMG_6883 IMG_6885 IMG_6878 IMG_6877 IMG_6876 IMG_6873 IMG_6880 IMG_6889 IMG_6879 IMG_6902 IMG_6896 IMG_6895 IMG_6898 IMG_6890 

IMG_6903 IMG_6916 IMG_6917 IMG_6918 IMG_6922 IMG_6925 IMG_6926 IMG_6931 IMG_6936IMG_6913Basically it’s James worst nightmare.

He patiently haggled his way around the congested narrow pathways with me for several hours. I agreed that the market can be a bit exhausting, so by the early evening we returned to Mandrem beach where we happily gave up the scooter so we could erase the idea of losing a limb late in the evening when all of the already off-their-rocker individuals took things to a whole new level.

Like every night off, we spent the night hanging in Arambol.

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