One Year

A slideshow of Tarynne’s photos from the first year of our trip around the world.

Jan. 17, 2013 to Jan. 17, 2014.

Seattle, USA to Goa, India.

It took 365 days to create this video.

Over 2,730 photos attempt to illustrate what travel means to me. To forget familiarity, reassurance and dive into adventure. To be thrown into a million or more scenarios that remind you how small you are in this universe, but somehow with tough love remind you its okay to do big things, to dream big. That you are capable of exactly all that your mind is capable of.

Travel is the voyage of discovery. Discover what?

Whatever it is you are looking for. To realize what makes you you, and equally as interesting, what makes others other. To be in someone else’s home and resist the urge to rearrange the furniture and just to let their home be exactly that, theirs.

To learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable. To entertain yourself watching how you grow, adapt, change. To watch your own opinions change, preferences shift, tendencies, values, goals and ambitions more appropriately align with what it is you genuinely want from your life. You’ve removed anything and everything that has ever made you you. Your home, social support, career, clothes, things, car, and any residue and reputation of yesterday. You have no history. Tomorrow is a blank slate. All of these ‘permanent’ qualities that make you you are all changing.

Incredible. It’s an opportunity for anything and everything. To look at every place, person and situation for the very first time.

To travel is to play with your imagination. You dream of what a place and people should be, may be. Travel accurately throws it back at you and tells you straight up how it is. Travel gives you the opportunity to see it how it really is.

I am grateful for my camera as it has helped me to capture what my own eyes see as what is. The moments of humility, gratitude, frustration, abundance, joy, expansion, resistance and growth have been frozen for a fraction of a second and I am so excited to share it with you!

Enjoy. Travel.


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