20 more hours of buses: Madrid to Lisbon

Wednesday Nov. 27th, 2013

I had an absolutely wonderful last week at Suryalila teaching my very own 90 minute yoga classes every morning and spending the days winding down playing with the chickens and ginger cat. We packed up from our comfortable Suryalila home and took the bus to Madrid one.last.time! We made our way to our sweet hostel UHostel and made ourselves at home in our 8-bed dorm.

We cruised around just briefly for James to get some grub and then called it a night after our 10 hour travel day.

Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 28th, 2013

We had zero interest in wasting the day running errands, but when you only spend 24 hours in a city every month, you eventually run out of and need to go shopping for crap like shampoo. We ended up spending a chunk of time and change in Nike getting James new shoes.


Next up was visiting camera stores to find SD cards and a lens case, but we got completely distracted by the absolute coolest market (except for the one in Sicily). Mercado de San Miguel is a glass enclosed pristine market with boutique classy wine bars sprinkled throughout gourmet seafood, cheese and artisan bread stalls.










After drooling over cheeses, in preparation for our upcoming two week juice fast, we tried out a guava juice and were convinced that the juice detox would be a piece of cake.





Since everything in the market was a bit upscale for these two budget travelers…James had to make a quick pitstop in McDonalds…

On second thought…that juice detox might be a bit rough…


We spent the rest of the day cruising around Madrid, enjoying the holiday bustle and contributing our share to Starbucks stock.

In honor of Thanksgiving Day, we decided it was only appropriate to head to the coolest restaurant in Madrid, Tierra Burrito Bar. Luckily football was on and touring Americans all had the same idea: tacos and footballs for a Thanksgiving in Spain.


After a few hours of football and full tummies, we called it a happy Thanksgiving early night.

Friday, Nov. 29th, 2013

We said goodbye to Spain and jumped on the 10 a.m. bus headed to Lisbon. We arrived into Lisbon around 6 p.m. and made our way down the cobblestone warmly lit lively streets to our amazing hostel, Lisbon Lounge. We dumped off our things in our spacious 8 bed dorm and then headed out to explore.



My second impression was much kinder than my first several years ago. Perhaps it’s that everything is lit up with holiday excitement spilling onto the streets and I have my best friend to share it with. We enjoyed just walking around the streets and are so happy we will have two whole nights after juicing to enjoy the city! We made our way to the grocery store quickly so that we could get home and settle in to watch the Apple Cup!

Sorry Cougies about the loss šŸ˜¦

Saturday, Nov. 30th, 2013

We were up early so we could walk around Lisbon and enjoy the beautiful day.








I absolutely love Lisbon. Its a Spanish Italian mix and I adore everything about it. We walked around and made our way to Parque Eduardo VII.



After a few hours we again made our way back to the hostel to make the last meal we would eat in two weeks.

We made our way to the Lisbon airport so we could catch the 4 p.m. shuttle to our new home, Juicy Oasis, where we would be spending the next two weeks.

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