Volunteering at Electric Picnic

Last week we were hooked up with the opportunity to volunteer for several days in exchange for tickets to Electric Picnic.

Considering that my favorite artist on earth Ellie Goulding was going to be there, I signed us up before James could veto the idea.

We showed up 10 days before the start of the festival and Stradbally Hall was just starting to show signs of electric influence.

photo 5

photo 3

We spent three happily long days helping with the set design of The Trailer Park, a stage featuring a sliced and exposed interior of a mobile home. Hours were spent transforming a white trailer into a powderpuff girl, putting up leopard print wallpaper, painting gaudy furniture luscious metallic pink, rolling shrek neon green paint across bathroom walls, and installing toilets (sans plumbing).

photo 1

photo 2

photo 4

photo 6

photo 7










We had a blast and were incredibly grateful for the opportunity to get out of the house, be exposed to such a unique experience, meet other sweet volunteers and be able to get tickets for an event we otherwise could never afford.

We spent the next week plus getting incredibly excited for Electric Picnic. That post is coming up next…

2 thoughts on “Volunteering at Electric Picnic

  1. Your C V’s are certainly going to look weird when you include all of this later!!!!! But you are sure going to have some good memories to look back on. Much love to you both. Have been picking blackberries & scrumping apples, making crumbles. Yummy. And enjoying feeling so well plus sunny days to enjoy. Not bad for a 38 yr old. Cheers Tupp.

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