Not Your Typical BBQ

The weather has returned to its Irish reputation the past week, but yesterday delivered a clear evening so of course we had to barbecue.

Since we are on a bit of a budget, we went Athy to get some €3.00 beef and decided anything else for dinner would be coming straight from the veggie garden.

Before even thinking about picking anything, James had to show me his newly planted friends. He planted lettuce seeds about two weeks ago, and as of last Saturday they decided to start saying hello.



James is pretty excited (in case you can’t tell from the pic).

He’s so proud that we’ve decided you must be sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to hear how his lettuce is thriving.

Don’t worry, we’re looking after y’all. Expect a weekly lettuce update delivered to your inbox every Saturday from here until the end of the season.

Other than that, things in the garden are growing like crazy right now.


We picked broccoli, broad beans, artichokes, tomatoes, and lettuce.








After throwing together some salads we headed up to hang at the barbecue.

James asked me to run and fetch a clean plate, but I got a bit distracted on the way back.


About 25 feet from the barbecue were about 25 cows.


They all just stood there staring at us.


Lady and I were incredibly confused (we’ve been here a solid month and there are electric fences surrounding the property, and never have I, James, or Lady seen a cow in this backyard).



While I was sitting contemplating going vegan again and pathetically apologizing to the cows for having to see/smell what was happening, James remained at the barbecue flippin’ patties screaming ‘We’re eating your friends.”


I know I said in a previous post that I appreciate seeing the connection from backyard garden to plate coming alive before my eyes, but THIS is NOT what I meant.


Anyways, the burgers were bomb.

One thought on “Not Your Typical BBQ

  1. Good job, James! But watch out for the slugs! You are following in family footsteps veggie-growing, will be in competition with Nick now, & no doubt able to advise Mom on a thing or two when you get back – Hope the cows didn’t stampede! Great pics as always 🙂

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