Africa Photo Galleries Are Up!

Presenting a brilliant excuse to further extend your lunch break at work today!!!

There are TEN photo galleries from our trip through nine countries in Africa that you can now view! (Kenya was excluded because we only visited Nairobi and I prefer not to preserve the memory of our time spent there…)

Scroll over the PHOTOS tab in the top toolbar on our homepage and a list of the individual countries will appear below. Then click to view! Note that Tanzania has four separate galleries!

Landscape images will be available for purchase on iStockphoto soon (okay, realistically it will be months…we were without a computer the first three months of traveling so now there are thousands of images to review).

If you would like a copy of a portrait (since I don’t have photo releases I can’t submit to iStock) or any other image without a watermark and full size, I am happy to send along and hope in exchange to receive a small donation (seriously, like $2.00) towards increasing the storage space of our existing blog (yeah that’s right, I may no longer own a closet, but I can still exceed virtual space limits. James is impressed).

A ‘Donate’ button can now be found on our homepage.

I do hope you enjoy viewing the photo galleries and get inspired to visit these resilient and extraordinary countries!!

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