A look back at Africa: South Africa

SA Flag

Now that we have been out of Africa for exactly one month we thought it would be a good exercise to reflect back on our time spent in the continent.

To make this simple, we have decided to do a series of blog posts in which we will both chose the three things we liked the most and the three things we liked the least about each country we visited.

We travelled through nine counties in Africa, but since we also spent only about eight hours in Zimbabwe, we won’t include it in this blog series. It obviously makes sense to do this in the order we visited each country, so the subject of our first post is South Africa.


Thumbs up:

1. Happy Feet.

PixKimMathew 265

2. Mountains and beaches in one day.

PixKimMathew 378

PixKimMathew 063

3. Standing in two oceans at once.


Thumbs down:

1. Post-apartheid residue.


2. Cape Town is a bubble.


3. Trains at night.

PixKimMathew 110


Thumbs up:

1. Driving the southern coast.

Screen Shot 2013-04-27 at 11.12.41 PM

2. Shark cage diving.


3. Nightlife.


Thumbs down:

1. Racism.

PixKimMathew 478

2. Separation of classes.


3. Train system.


Up next: Namibia.


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Washed up Wazzu alumnus in the middle of a horrific quarter-life crisis.
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One Response to A look back at Africa: South Africa

  1. I am from south africa ….Beautiul pics and really interesting blog…keep up the good work and good luck with the travels…
    Louise x (www.africantrax.co.za)

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